Vascular Assessment of the Lower Limb
16th June


Course reference: vascularstudyday

Vascular update: Assessment, diagnosis, treatment & referral decisions & informing and negotiating - to help saving more lives and limbs)


Speakers : Martin Fox and Sue Mathews


Where possible, can delegates wear loose trousers or similar and avoid wearing tights, to allow group practice of Doppler technique on foot, ankle and rear knee (popliteal) pulses. Please bring your Dopplers, gel and any sphyg cuffs with you,
for the workshop sessions.

9.00 Welcome, housekeeping and introductions

9.15 PAD – Overview & changing the PAD paradigm in Podiatry to match population need, guidelines and the Capability Framework

9.45 Workshop: Doppler basics on the arm arteries

10.00 PAD anatomy and pathophysiology - revision & angiosomes

10.15 How NICE are you and your Podiatry Service currently?

10.30 Break

10.45 Workshop: Doppler + sphyg skills: taking a systolic pressure (arm)

11.10 Identifying killer symptoms - claudication and ischaemic rest pain

11.40 Cardiovascular and limb risks – informing & negotiating

12.15 Q & A from morning session, then Lunch

13.15 Putting it all together – Pulses, Doppler, ABPI & toe pressures

13.45 Workshop - Doppler signal Runaround – what do you hear?

14.00 Demo - a NICE / IWGDF PAD & CLTI assessment: foot to femoral

14.30 Workshop – taking an ankle systolic pressure: Doppler + sphyg

15.00 Break

15.15 PAD case studies – assessment, diagnosis and treatment / referral

15.45 Spotting & reporting irregular pulses – stop a stroke & save a life

16.00 CPD resources for PAD & final slide – Using the 3 Ps of PAD, to save more lives and limbs – just do it!

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Start Time: 9.00am
Venue: Kettering Conference Centre, Northants