Foothealth Recognition 2024


Welcome to a new and exciting part of our FootHealth Conference, where you get the chance to shout and celebrate your everyday work, that otherwise would have been overlooked.

You can put yourself forward, nominate a friend / colleague / company.
Don't let those shrinking violets go amiss!
We want to foster a sense of camaraderie and appreciation within your community.
We want to ensure a diverse range of achievements are recognized from every day life, rather than the huge achievements which are already recognised.

Nominations: By you, via email directly to

Judging Panel: Conference Speakers

Award Presentation: At the end of Day 1 with a drink

Prizes: The winner will receive an award, sponsored by a company, plus either:
30 minute Silverstone Simulation Car Ride
Free entry to our 2025 event
Free entry to our dinner/dance on Day 1 in 2025

Feedback: This is a first for our conference. Please make sure to feedback, so that we can assess the success of the ceremony and identify areas for improvement for future years.

Categories and guidance:

- Excellence in Patient Care
Have you helped a patient through difficulty?
Have you caught cancer early?
Have you enabled early intervention with a diabetic patient?
Have you prevented amputation through early intervention?
Have you received excellent feedback from a client?

- Educational Contribution
Have you run a webinar to help educate your peers?
Have you attended an online or face to face training session that has changed the way you think within your practice?
Has a company helped you with training, changing over to a new product line?

- Innovation in Practice
Have you opened your own practice with success in the first year?
Have you been a podiatrist entrepreneur about something?
Have any companies delivered excellent training, that has shaped how you work in a particular area?

- Mentorship Recognition
Have you been under the guidance of someone who has helped you over the last 12 months?
Have you been trained by someone wonderful?

- Leadership Recognition
Are you or do you know someone that is about to retire, that has dedicated their work life to helping patients?
Do you have a boss who has excelled in helping you with your patients?

- Patient Impact Recognition
Have you put yourself out there to make a better impact on the patient?
Have you improved patient experience?

- Best Product Recognition
What is the one product you or your patients cannot live without?
Has there been a new product on the market that has been helpful?