Hapla Padding and Retentive Strapping for the Lower Limb
3rd June


Course reference: haplapadding2024

Hapla Padding and Retentive Strapping for the Lower Limb by Michael Ratcliffe.

3hours CPD course on 3rd June 2024 - AM and PM session - £25 +vat

Due to the practical nature of this course places are strictly limited - Participants MUST bring their own scissors and tubegauze applicator.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be enabled to demonstrate and evaluate the appropriate application of selected Hapla paddings and retentive strapping as part of a combined therapeutic approach to lower limb pathologies, using information and practical skills provided on the training session, for immediate use in their clinical environment


09.15 Introduction and mini-presentation - the function of padding and retentive strapping

09.30 Demonstration and Workshop – Manufacture of the replaceable toe prop (to extend digits and reduce digital apical, dorsal interphalangeal and plantar metatarsophalangeal joint pressure)

10.15 Demonstration and Workshop – The plantar metatarsal pad and the metatarsal shaft pad (to encourage digital extension and offer restoration of the tarso-metatarsal joint function)

11.00 Break

11.15 Demonstration and Workshop - Manufacture of the valgus filler pad (for talar head support and reduction of heel weight bearing)

11.45 Demonstration and Workshop – protective padding for hallux abducto-valgus/Tailor’s bunion - the ‘nested’ cavity pad and the replaceable pad alternative

12.15 Demonstration –

1. A rapid application of the plantar cover pad with retentive strapping for plantar pressure reduction using felt and foam padding

2. Enhancing the function of the heel pad

Course will finish at 12.30pm

Afternoon session to commence at 1.15pm and finish at 4.30pm


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Venue: Silverstone Race Course