Local Anaesthetics and other Injectable Medications
15th June


Course reference: laupdate2020

LA Update with Dr Jean Mooney

Aim: by the end of the study day, delegates with have reviewed the range and use of injectable pain- and inflammation- controlling Prescription-Only Medicines (POM-A) that HCPC-Registered Podiatrists can access and supply for patients during the course of clinical practice

• To review and revise the pharmacology of the range of injectable local anaesthetic agents that may be accessed by HCPC POM-A Registered podiatrists during the course of their clinical practice

• To review and revise the pharmacokinetics, indications for, administration, and use of those drugs, to include the visual revision of a range of LA techniques that may be used to achieve foot anaesthesia.

• To review and revise the pharmacodynamics of those drugs,, including consideration of potential drug interactions, possible adverse effects, and the use of adrenaline to manage cases that threaten anaphylaxis

• To review the use of injected corticosteroids in the control of localised pain and inflammation

This course will start at 9.30am and finish at 16.30pm when CPD certificates will be handed out.

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Start Time: 9.15am
Venue: Kettering Conference Centre, Northants NN15 6PB