Foot function and Foot Orthotics in everyday MSK
3rd June


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Foot and Foot Orthotics in everyday MSK

6hours CPD Course with Paul Harradine - £120 +vat

• Functional foot anatomy
• Normal and abnormal foot function in standing
• Normal and abnormal foot function in walking gait
• Gait analysis
• Introduction to foot-based treatment models, with a focus on foot orthotics
• Common everyday MSK foot and foot related symptoms
• Common everyday MSK foot and foot related treatment pathways

Paul Harradine is a clinical podiatrist and director of The Podiatry Centre Ltd and The Foot Orthotics Laboratory Ltd, and has worked clinically in MSK podiatry since 1994, prescribing more than 10,500 pairs of custom foot orthotics, over 9,000 of which he has made himself. Paul has gained CertEd and MSc in Sports Injury and Therapy, plus following 7 years of research into gait analysis was awarded a PhD from the University of Southampton in 2022. He lectures on the post graduate circuit and has published papers in podiatric, physiotherapy and orthopaedic texts on first ray function, plantar pressure analysis technology, taping, outcome studies, orthoses production, gait analysis, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and foot function theory amalgamation.

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