Pharmacology (POM-S medicines):
18th June


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Pharmacology (POM-S medicines) With Dr Jean Mooney:

• by the end of the first study day, delegates with have reviewed the range of oral and topical Prescription-Only Medicines (POM-S) that HCPC-Registered Podiatrists can access and supply for patients during the course of clinical practice, and also (as time permits) considered the effects of some of the more POM-drugs that many older patients may be prescribed by their doctor.

• To review pharmacological terminology, consider how drugs achieve their pharmacological action, and review the medico-legal aspects of the supply, access and administration of POM (POM-A and POM-S) medicines

• To review the indications for and outcomes of using the range of POM-S oral pain-killer, oral and topical anti-inflammatory, oral and topical anti-bacterial, and topical anti-fungal medications that HCPC-Registered podiatrists can access and supply to patients.

• As time permits: To review some common POM oral medications that patients are prescribed by their doctor, to include anti-hypertensive, anti-coagulant, and cholesterol-lowering agents

This course will start at 9.30am and finish at 16.30pm when CPD certificates will be handed out.

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Start Time: 9.30am
Venue: Kettering Conference Centre, Northants