Chronic Wounds and Wound Healing
14th June


Course reference: wound2020

Chronic Wounds and Wound Healing
With Dr Jean Mooney:


Podiatrists diagnose and treat patients who may present with, or are at increased risk of developing chronic wounds (ulcers) on the feet and lower limb.
This 1-day programme will visit the factors that predispose to lower limb and foot ulceration, revise tissue healing responses and focus on methods and clinical stratagems that reduce ulceration risk and promote wound healing

AIM: To update delegates to the underlying factors that predispose and contribute to reduced tissue viability and compromised wound healing

To review the pathology of reduced tissue healing
To consider stratagems and interventions that can improve healing in chronic wounds

Outline Programme
NB: Times, other than start time in the morning and after lunch, are approximate
09:00-09:30 hrs Registration
09:30-10:30hrs Tissue response to trauma
10:30-11:00hrs Coffee and Trade Exhibition
11:00-12:00hrs Impaired wound healing
12:00-12:45hrs Factors affecting healing in diabetes
12:45-13:30hrs Lunch and Trade Exhibition
13:30-14:30hrs Wound care regimes
14:30-15:00hrs Tea and Trade Exhibition
15:00-16:00hrs Management of chronic wounds in diabetes

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Start Time: 9.20am
Venue: Kettering Conference Centre, Northants, NN15 6PB